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Overseas Athlete / MEN




I grew up in Fahrni near Thun and I practice Orienteering since I was a child. My parents showed me a lot of different sports like triathlon and mountain biking but in the end orienteering fascinated me the most. My swiss club is ol norskawhich home is near of bern. I am now in the swiss elite team since 2018. The biggest breakthrough I reached was in the junior age at the junior world championship 2016 in Scuol, Switzerlandwhere I managed to win three gold medals. My biggest successes inthe elite category are the 2nd place in the overall World Cup in 2019 as well as the two European Championships and one World Championship medal in 2021. One of them was golden, the one with the sprint relay at the European Championships in Neuchâtel. ButI'm still missing the gold medal at the World Championships and one in an individual discipline.

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