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Bartłomiej Przedwojewski1.jpg

Overseas Athlete / MEN

Bartłomiej Przedwojewski



Bartlomiej, better known as ‘Bart,’ is a war machine with a big heart. Bart joined the international team in 2019 and performed exceptionally well during the 2020 Golden Trail Championship in the Azores, winning hands down over an unprecedented and elite field. In 2021, he finished an impressive 3rd place at Marathon du Mont Blanc. Last season, he enjoyed several top-10 finishes in the Golden Trail Series’ races, namely Zegama, Marathon du Mont Blanc and the Dolomyths. Before becoming a professional trail runner, Bart worked as a firefighter, and his bravery and heart of gold still shine through him. He is a fighter and a warrior, unafraid to take on a challenge.

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