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アンカー KOBE TRAIL info
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 [ KOBE 21K GTWS ] / [ KOBE 15k ]

・Over all 1st ~6th

・Age  1st~3rd men and women(Except over all 、under 39 / 40th / 50th / upper 60)​


[ KOBE 4K ]

・Over all 1st ~3rd

・Age  1st~3rd men and women(Except over all 、elementary student / junior high school student)​



・Over all 1st ~3rd


■Contents include entry fee

Sports casualty insurance / entry item


■Entry Item

Event original item​


■Terms of entry

7 February 2024 ~ 1 April

-will close entry as maximum participants



No refund entry fee after registration.


■Premium Sponsor

Amer Sports Japan(SALOMON)



To be announced


■Organizer / Event office


3758 Akaho Komagane Nagano, Japan 399-4117

TEL : 0265-83-0633  FAX : 0265-83-9040


■Race regulation

It will be a time race on a designated mountain course(ranking shall set from fastest time runner) .

・Runner must declare to race staff if decide to drop off the race due to their safety and must return timing tip to race staff. Organizer shall require to pay actual cost (JPY2000) if not returned.

・Race staff shall decide runner to drop off or suspended if race staff recognize that runner may not possible to continue their race.

・Compensation for accident or injury during the Race, it may covered by casualty insurance coverage from race committee.

・Organizer may cancel the race due to worse weather condition.

・[ KOBE 15K EKIDEN ] may set first, second and third section. Each Ekiden team two or three people. Relay point is ‘Kikuseidai, Mt. Maya’.

・[ KOBE 4K PAIR ] finish timing is period of pass finish line as second runner.

・Penalties that lead to disqualify

 - Runners who did not follow race instructions and not follow to instruction from race staff.

 - Runners who falsified their eligibility.

 -Runners do not pass cut off time at check point or finish.

 -Runners do not wearing race bib.

 - Runners who litter.

 - Runners who acted against protecting the nature.

 - Runners who acted of dishonesty.


・Aid Station( Water Station)

   - Kikuseidai, Mt. Maya

・Organizer shall set indication on the race course, such as arrow sign board and maker tape. Distance indication may set each 5km.


■Gear and Equipments

[ KOBE 21K GTWS ] / [ KOBE 15K ] / [ KOBE 15K EKIDEN ]

Recommend Equipment (As your demand):cellular phone, Race Course Map (Download from event website and import to cellular phone or running watch ), drink ( more than 1,000㎖ )、waterproof jacket and pant with waterproof seamed on sewing line, emergency sheet, emergency equipment、energy food, whistle, own cup.


[ KOBE 4K ] / [ KOBE 4K PAIR ]

Recommend Equipment (As your demand):Drink, cellular phone, Rain equipment,  emergency equipment.


■Other instruction

 ・Race course contain steep route with more than 1,000m altitude. There is chance to getting low temperature even April. Ask all runners to realize their own physical fitness, mountaineering skill, and self-emergency skill. Also ask to prepare race equipment as their own needs.

 ・Recommend to carry health insurance card(may issue as copy)

 ・Organizer may cancel the race due to worse weather condition sch as typhoon or similar bad weather condition.

 ・Race cancelation for above weather condition, organizer do not refund entry fee whether before/after race start. May prepare event item.

  • organizer shall take emergency measures for injures, illness or other accidents during the race and do not take the responsibility beyond the insurance as instructed.


 ・he organizer has rights to all movies, photos, media contents, results or any other race related matters.

 ・Runners shall use organizer specified area for personal belongings. Runners must take care of their valuables and fragile by themselves. Organizer do not take the responsibility for its lost.

 ・Runners must carry their waste.

 ・Race course will share for public, not exclusive for the race and do not disturb public user such as hiker mountaineer, believer. At passing public users, calling, greeting, reduce speed and pass carefully on wide and safe place.



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Will be start on 14 February 2024


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